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Deco - Cocktail  Cabinets  specializes in rare and unusual Art Deco Cocktail Cabinets from the 1920's to 1950's at prices ranging from $500 to $5,000 that will provide years of pleasure & enjoyment and only grow in value over time.

A vintage home bar represents the glamour of an earlier time when smoking and drinking were not frowned upon and is a wonderful conversation piece and investment that will set you apart from the crowd and be a one-of-a-kind treasure.


From small pop-ups to multipurpose sideboards with flashy mirrored display niches, these hip little home bars let you turn your suburban oasis into the Copa Room @ The Sands In Las Vegas.....  You can almost hear the Rat Pack cracking jokes and smell Dean Martin’s aftershave! 

Vintage cocktail cabinets are crafted in beautiful rich woods such as Mahogany, Burl Walnut, Birdseye Maple, Teak, Cherry, Rosewood, Oak, Cedar, Sycamore and have an attention to detail that knockoffs just don’t reproduce.  Many feature folding mechanisms that let the top and front open-up, and some have inside serving areas that move outward. Most include original light fixtures that have been rewired for American circuit and illuminate automatically when the service doors are opened, mirrored panels decorated with reverse-painted images of bar scenes, brass hardware, bakelite martini picks & polished chrome juicers.....  (Please inquire at time of purchase as these original bar accessories are limited.)  Original barrel keys are available for all lockable storage compartments.


Additional photos highlighting anything in particular can be sent to you.  I constantly scour estate sales, auctions and antique shops for unique Art Deco items, so let me know if I can help you with that hard-to-find special treasure you've been seeking.  Also, if you desire a particular cocktail cabinet that's not available here or that you've seen elsewhere, just let me know and I'll find it!  Remember, these home bars are antiques or later period pieces and are sold as-isSee As-Is Condition Statement.   However, custom modifications such as refinishing or adding lights and mirrors to service and storage compartments can be made to many cabinets per your requirements for an additional charge.  I also carry a supply of original replacement light bulbs, stainless juicers and bakelite martini picks!  New...  Replications of original reverse-painted bar mirrors are now available!  Inventory changes often, so please check back!  
If you believe any are beyond your budget, contact me and I'll work with you!