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Aftermarket Stainless Steel Juicer
Aftermarket Stainless Steel Juicer to Replace Missing Original...

Original Chrome Juicers are the most difficult item to obtain of all accessories that were provided with most vintage Art Deco Cocktail Cabinets.  I've sought these for years but have been unable to find a source.  However, I can now offer a close substitute in stainless steel that should enable you to finally replace that item you've been missing for so long! 

Original Chrome Juicers have a diameter of approximately 10 cm, are 4.5 cm tall and tarnish fairly easily...    

Aftermarket Stainless Steel Juicers have a diameter of approximately 13.5 cm, are 6.5 cm tall and never tarnish !  

To retrofit, it's best to remove the two existing side clips (holders) and relocate by spreading out and moving up approximately 2 cm on both sides. 

                Aftermarket                                         Original
DecoGallery/Juicer.JPG      DecoGallery/OriginalJuicer.JPG

Stainless Steel Juicer:  $35.00 Net Each with Free Shipping

Item #DCC00030

Price $35.00 

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