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221mm Original Replacement Light Bulb
221mm Original Replacement Light Bulb (imported from Europe)...

Most Lighted English Art Deco Cocktail Cabinets utilize a special Double-Ended (S15 Cap) Tubular Light Bulb of 240 Volts - 60 Watts of either 221mm or 284mm length.

(They still operate well on American circuit of 110 Volts !)

These bulbs are low power consumption with a typical life of 1,000 hours.  Available in 'Clear' or 'Opal' color.  Please specify desired color when ordering.   

Note:  When placing the bulb into a fixture, please remember that one side of this fixture is 'spring-loaded', and this must first be compressed with one end of your bulb before you can slide the opposite end into it's receptacle!  

221mm Bulb:  $30.00 Net Each with Free Shipping


Item #DCC00010

Price $30.00 

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