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Small Portable Bar / Coffee Table with Secret Compartments

Small Portable Bar / Coffee Table of Gorgeous Walnut with Drop-Down Door & Secret Compartments, Circa 1930's...  

This most unusual Portable Bar / Coffee Table features gorgeous European bookmatched quilted & crown-cut walnut veneers over rich mahogany and an interior of blonde sycamore.  Note how the veneers flow from the top of the cabinet in a seamless manner and cascade down in continuous & intriquing patterns...  Incredible Artisanship!  The 'Side Bar Service' is narrow (6" depth) and accessed via a hinged & locked drop-down door with brass inlay that serves as a glass covered mixing tray and opens to reveal a stunning blonde sycamore interior, complete with four stemware holders and three circular cut-outs for bottle storage.  (The original brass lock operates via its barrel key.)  The top of the cabinet features a 1/4" glass plate to protect the beautiful walnut finish and is retained via gorgeous brown Bakelite moulding.  However, the most interesting feature of this incredible cabinet is that the top slides backward approximately 8" to reveal a hidden storage compartment of 17 1/4" depth, allowing ample room for your tallest bottles!  This compartment also includes two small & stacked drawers for your various bar accoutrement and are 13 1/4" Wide x 7 3/4" Deep x 2 3/4" Tall that slide from side-to-side via wooden rails and can be aligned where wanted.  Lastly, the entire cabinet is mounted on four  casters that allow easy movement on both carpeted & hard surfaces.

Dimensions:  31 1/2" Wide  x  13 3/4" Deep  x  26" Tall      


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Item #DCC04175

Price $250.00 

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